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25 Email Marketing Tips to Get Your Customers Engaged

Whether you run a business that is B2B, B2C or a non-profit, email marketing still seems to the most powerful way to communicate with your customers. Media Leaders set out to ask some of the best marketers what their counter intuitive tips are for using email to get customers responding.

Media Leaders

The following are select quotes pulled from the original piece.

Do not market your content by using the title of your content

Do not use the content’s headline in the newsletter — @Brentrt

By Brent Turner, SVP, Solutions, Cramer

If you are using your newsletter to promote content on your site (like a blog post) do not use the content’s headline in the newsletter. For example, the headline on your blog post should set up the story on that page. The headline in your newsletter needs to market your piece. Digital-first media publishers are now doing this more and more (see Mashable, MIT Technology Review, Upworthy), but marketers rarely think to do this.

Before you send a newsletter, test your copy quickly and easily on social media — @Brentrt

Before you send, test your copy quickly and easily on social media. Use social media to get a quick sense of how you should promote the content. For example, on Twitter, you can put our three different headlines for your content. If one takes off, go with it. You don’t need perfect tests with controls and statistical significance — just ‘testing the water’ is better than ‘taking one bite at an apple.’

by Media Leaders

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