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Agency Spotlight on Cramer

Target Marketing spoke with Brent Turner, SVP, Solutions of Cramer, a Norwood Mass.-based marketing studio with over 30 years of expertise creating digital, video and live experiences for brands.

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The following are select quotes pulled from the original piece.

What makes you famous?
In the New England area, we are known for our 70,000-square-foot marketing studio and, of course, the awesome work that comes out of it. Nationally, our client list is what gets the attention: IBM, GE, UPS, Walmart, Marriott, to name just a few.

What are the most important trends you see in interactive advertising today?
The easy ones are the proliferation of programmatic advertising, the rise of native advertising and the expansion of marketing technology “stacks.”

But what really has us fired up is the craftsmanship at the intersection of design, copy and technology. As the latest versions of browsers and technologies have standardized, we now can do Flash-like things with non-Flash technologies. That means all sorts of things are making a comeback. From the small (animations are back!) to the big (immersive microsites are back!) to the obscure (DevArt rocks!).

PTC's LiveWorx event

PTC’s LiveWorx event (promoted on Twitter)

What’s been your biggest hit of the past year?
Recently, PTC has invested $500 million acquiring companies and iterating their products to focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). By utilizing the IoT, PTC is now helping their customers apply it to transform their businesses and shape the future of technology. PTC is now the market and product leader in its space.
To announce and showcase this leadership, PTC needed to do something big. In under two months, our teams worked closely together to create a global-focused industry-leading event. Additionally, we needed to get people to the event so we launched multichannel campaigns that drove registrations.

What’s your most important takeaway for marketers?
Brand experiences are a marketer’s playground … for the IoT. Within their live events, activations and exhibits, they have an opportunity to discover, deploy and get hands-on with this global technology mega trend. We don’t need to be in a products-oriented business, nor do we have to wait for our products to include IoT functionality.

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Brent is a member of the executive team for Opus, an experience agency that delivers flagship programs for 13 of the top 20 global brands.

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