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Introducing the 2017 Event Marketer It List

Event Marketer’s 15th annual listing of the top 100 event agencies in the industry

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The following are select quotes pulled from the original piece.

For the past 15 years, the editorial team at Event Marketer magazine publishes their industry-loved It List.

As they pored over the applications, the Event Marketer team writes, they were struck by a number of facts. They continue by noting that “first, our industry is growing, as evidenced by the increases in head count, office spaces and new business wins mentioned in so many applications. Then, there is the inordinate amount of time and resources devoted to staying on top of trends as agencies invest in new technologies and equipment, especially digital interactives. And of course, there are the people themselves, those tireless engines who know no bounds when it comes to creativity, strategy and know-how in order to deliver top-notch experiences for some of the most demanding clients ever. The work this year was outstanding.”

After reviewing hundreds of applications, the Event Marketer team has once again selected Cramer to be part of their prestigious list.

I’m flattered by what they had to say about Cramer (and me).

You don’t know Cramer? Shame on you. Absolutely on our “ones to watch” list, which means it absolutely needs to be on your radar screen, playa. One of the industry’s most razor-sharp b‑to‑b event agencies, this Boston experiential shop boasts some of the heaviest strategic chops (Hey Brent Turner… you… you’re good), bleeding-edge technology offerings, experience design and audience engagement know-how, plus, one of the biggest content development capabilities of any b‑to‑b agency on this list. Check. Them. Out.

You can dig more into this year’s It List, including all of the recognized agencies, with Event Marketer’s new “Visual Guide to the Top 100 Event Agencies.”

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