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This year, it’s not Super Sunday for brands unless the fans participate

Super Bowl 50 campaigns aren’t just relying on TV ads; they’re pushing viewers to digital and social channels to interact with the brands themselves.

The following are select quotes pulled from the original piece.

In this in-depth piece, PR Week speaks with Jeff Charney, CMO of Progressive, Sue Mallino, CCO at SunTrust, Jake Kirsch, VP at Shock Top, Andrew Graff, CEO of Allen and Gerritsen, Rich Latek, director of marketing for GMC, and our very own Brent Turner.

Here are some of my key quotes:

Ads running during this year’s Super Bowl will build on the foundation set in 2015 that includes viewer participation, says Brent Turner, SVP at Cramer.

“Over the past few years, calls-to-action have been shifting,” he notes. “First, we were asked to visit dot-coms, then there were the calls to ‘follow us’ on branded social outposts, and recently it’s been about joining the broad ‘conversation’ with hashtags.”
Turner also predicts more brands will embrace live video streams during Super Bowl Sunday.

“We will be watching what people do with live video on Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat, Blab, etc., during the game,” says Turner. “We expect some brands will be experimenting with social-driven live video. There may even be a breakout story here. But, moreover, savvy agencies and media companies will be watching this space closely. We should all expect multiple live video campaigns coming our way in 2017.”

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