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What Apple Can Teach Us About Proving the ROI of your Office

Robin and Cramer unpack the marketing-oriented benefits derived from the investments brands are making in their office space.


The following are select quotes pulled from the original piece.

In this piece, I talk with my friends at Robin about the role of office space design and cultures.

How agencies Cramer and Barbarian optimize their office spaces

Apple’s not alone; many companies are investing in office space. Boston suburbs based Cramer and Manhattan headquartered Barbarian are two agencies proving their office worth a few times over. And while budgets may be slightly smaller than the Steve Jobs’ workplace brainchild, all three offices aim to recruit and retain top talent, incite productivity and grow the bottom line, and market the brand, product, and services to their customers.

“There is now pressure to prove the ROI of building a new office or improving the space you’re already in,” says Brent Turner, Senior Vice President of Solutions for the global brand experience agency, Cramer. “This pressure is leading to new approaches to deliver value from these investments in two strategic areas. Office spaces are becoming cultural-drivers for a brand’s future products and services as well as assets for their external marketing efforts.”

Office Snapshots Cramer Offices Norwood Lobby Bar
Image from Office Snapshots, by Gustav Hoiland

Cramer seems to be practicing what they preach, with their latest office renovation complete in 2017 featuring a bright and unique space that encourages client engagement. From awe-inspiring office tours to in-depth working meetings, Cramer wants to merge the client experience with that of their own employees. After all, it will be a team effort to get a project completed.

Office Snapshots Cramer Offices Norwood Conference Room
Image from Office Snapshots, by Gustav Hoiland

“The office is part of your brand statement,” Turner said. “How we work, and how our culture and studios bring clients into our work, is critical to the success of our projects. Clients demand to be part of the process. And when they come and visit, we want them to quickly see and feel the unique tenor that we’ve designed into how we work.”

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