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Large-Scale Stunts, Playification, and Designing Intelligence

Our co-hosts — Kate Romano and Brent Turner — are back for a new two-part episode.

In the first segment, Kate and Cramer’s director of strategic planning, Joe Lovett, get together to talk trends. Through our collaboration with Event Marketer magazine, we have identified three big trends that experiential marketers need to be on top of: Large-Scale Event Stunts, Playification, and Podcast Engagement.

Next up, Brent returns for an insightful conversation with Joe Toscano, author of the forthcoming book, Designing Intelligence, and former Experience Designer at R/GA and Google. Joe and Brent dig into the world of “intelligence” – artificial intelligence and machine learning. They move past the hype and hysteria to dig into the applications and considerations for today’s event marketers.

If you have feedback on our podcast, ideas for future episodes, or want to keep the conversation going, we love to hear from our listeners.

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From the studios of Cramer, across everyone at our agency, thank you for joining us.

We’re already working on Episode 7.

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